Age modelling - StalAge

StalAge is an algorithm to construct distance - age models for speleothems based on U-series dating results. The algorithm uses U-series ages and the corresponding errors for modelling and also includes stratigraphic information in order to further constrain and improve the age model.
The algorithm provides a high degree of reproducibility and comparability and is designed for application by the general, non-expert user and has no adjustable free parameters.

The code is a simple text file and only needs to be copied into 'R', a free statistical software. What is needed for R (e.g. so-called packages) is described in the short 'manual', which also describes how to use StalAge. You can find the

StalAge manual here

and the

StalAge code here.

We offer this algorithm to anybody interested to use it - free of charge. However, we expect that the paper Scholz and Hoffmann (2011), Quaternary Geochronolgy 6, 369-382, will be cited (and praised to the skies ;-) where the algorithm is applied.
We are very interested in feedback. We plan to further improve the algorithm, e.g. by implementing additional information such as layer counting or precise positions of hiatuses derived from petrographic analyses. We will also try to establish an even more user-friendly graphical user interface. StalAge is a 'side project' for Denis and me, so the next version might take a bit of time. Enjoy using the code and watching linear interpolations building up a chronology - very relaxing.